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Today " Tagansky Ryad" is the biggest trade business unit in the center of Russia.

  • has 4 thousand retail stores
  • holds about 40 thousand visitors
  • cooperation with companies from 20 regions of Russia, the CIS and foreign states.
  • the sum of more than 150 million rubles is annually paid to the budgets of all levels
  • the sum of more than 30 million rubles is annually granted for charitable purposes
  • a new structure with a trade center and a hotel is under construction.
  • a developed infrastructure:
- parking system
- fleet of trucks
- security service
- medical aid service
- passport-visa service
- bank department
- post of the taxation authority
- information center
- communication facilities
- advertising agency
- catering services
- warehouse premises

Adres: 19, Tekhnicheskaya str, Ekaterinburg 620090
Tel: +7 (343) 381-85-00
fax: +7 (343) 381-85-06
e-mail: office@taganka-e.ru